It was such a treat to photograph this beautiful lady in the alleys of my quaint little Brattleboro. Headshots are not my specialty but I couldn’t say no to Chelsea when she asked me if I’d photograph her for her new website.

I’m so glad to have stayed in touch with her since photographing her wedding to Brian a couple of years ago! She’s been building her very own wedding and portrait photography business ever since and I’m so excited for her. I had a wonderful time catching up and having lunch with her. If you couldn’t tell by the photos, she’s such a joy to be around!


Team Fleurir and I reunited this past March to grab a couple of photos of their new product lines as well as some previews of their very new and gorgeous location in Georgetown.

I’m so excited to see them again, more of the new products and the finished store next week when I arrive to the DC area!

It’s truly awesome to collaborate with such creative people. With the help of the lovely Leah Moss and her sister, Nicole, they designed the inside of their new store. They used recycled materials and antique furniture to really highlight the rustic, whimsical and organic themes reflected in their beautifully designed chocolates. Their whole store and products are literally all a work of art!


These are the new chocolate bars. Unfortunately I was able to get only a few photos of the packaging but I’m sure we’ll get a ton more when I’m in town.



These hot cocoa mixes are TO DIE FOR. I was lucky to try the “Bitter Sweet” flavor.




Rob & Ash placed these bits of recycled wood, one by one, on the wall to create this setup.



I call these, the magical plants. They need little water to survive and their colors are beautiful!




Triptych, anyone?

See you next week, Fleurir!